Custom Inductors

Lenco Electronics can design custom Inductors or build to your exact specifications. Inductor Types from Hi-Frequency switch mode Inductors to large 3 phase Inductors.

Lenco manufactures Inductors using a variety of magnetic core materials such as ferrites, iron powder, laminations and amorphous alloy. Common conductor materials used in our manufacturing process include magnet wire, Litz wire, copper foil and aluminim foil. 

At Lenco we will work closely with your design team to meet all your electrical and mechanical requirements.



  • AC Line Reactors
  • Common/Differential Mode Inductors
  • Current Limiting Reactors
  • DC Filter Inductor
  • DC Link Inductor
  • DC Swinging Inductor
  • Grounding Inductor
  • Harmonic Filter Reactor