Constant Voltage Transformers

Lenco can custom design AC and DC Constant Voltage transformers (also known as Regulating transformers or Ferroresonant transformers).

In Stock

Lenco has in stock Constant Voltage/Ferroresonant transformers (Sine Wave Output) for immediate delivery. These transformers are designed to provide a relatively constant output voltage (±3%), with less than 3% distortion under full load and under 5% no-load GUARANTEED, while specified input voltages may vary by as much as +15 to -25%. Providing high isolation and fast response time (typically 1-2 cycles) these transformers are excellent at controlling voltage sags, surges, brownouts, noise and distortion.

All Lenco Constant Voltage/Regulating transformers are built to a UL recognized insulation system. They feature Compact Terminal Strips that provide the ultimate in safety due to all the metal parts either being fully enclosed or deeply recessed. These transformers are available from 50VA to 1500VA and in 120,240 and 480 volt 60 Hz. configurations. Special voltages and/or frequencies are available upon request.

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Note: All in stock Lenco Constant Voltage transformers include appropriate Capacitor.

Frequency 60Hz/Output 120V

CVS-50-120-60* 50VA 120V A
CVS-50-240-60* 50VA 240V A
CVS-50-480-60* 50VA 480V A
CVS-100-120-60 100VA 120V B
CVS-100-240-60 100VA 240V B
CVS-100-480-60 100VA 480V B
CVS-150-120-60 150VA 120V C
CVS-150-240-60 150VA 240V C
CVS-150-480-60 150VA 480V C
CVS-250-120-60 250VA 120V D
CVS-250-240-60 250VA 240V D
CVS-250-480-60 250VA 480V D
CVS-500-120-60 500VA 120V E
CVS-500-240-60 500VA 240V E
CVS-500-480-60 500VA 480V E
CVS-750-120-60 750VA 120V F
CVS-750-240-60 750VA 240V F
CVS-750-480-60 750VA 480V F
CVS-1000-120-60 1000VA 120V G
CVS-1000-240-60 1000VA 240V G
CVS-1000-480-60 1000VA 480V G
CVS-1500-120/240-60 1500VA 120/240V H
CVS-1500-240/480-60 1500VA 240/480V H

*Minimum load efficiency of 70%

regulating transformers/power transformers

A 3.70 3.70 5.00 3.06 2.25
B 4.5 3.8 6 3.75 2.35
C 5.35 4.35 6.51 4.38 2.62
D 5.35 5.15 6.51 4.38 3.62
E 5.85 6.42 7.01 4.81 4.75
F 7.20 6.10 8.70 5.94 3.60
G 7.20 7.0 8.70 5.94 4.68
H 8.69 7.0 10.50 7.22 3.92

*Specifications subject to change without notice

Lenco offers an optional NEMA 1 Enclosure with 7 available sizes.