About Lenco

Lenco Electronics is located in McHenry, IL approximately 40 miles north west of Chicago and conveniently accessible to Underwriters Labs and O'Hare Airport for expeditious delivery of product anywhere in the world.

In business since 1973, Lenco Electronics has shown steady growth, both financially and in plant space. Today, our state of the art manufacturing facility measures approximately 25,000 sq.ft.

We are proud of our experienced, 45 member staff, over 50 percent of which have 10 or more years vested with Lenco. Our employees approach each individual job in a professional and knowledgeable manner...they know and care about what they are doing. Each unit that we produce is tested regularly throughout the manufacturing process, so we can assure our customers a product of the highest quality and reliability.

When you do business with Lenco, you can do it with confidence. Confidence that your product has been designed and engineered by professionals. Confidence that it has been manufactured with the highest quality materials available. Confidence in a product on which you can stake your reputation.

Our success has not come about by accident but by providing our customers with the high quality products they have come to expect.

Let Lenco Electronics demonstrate to you why we deserve your business.